Plan To 3D

We Turn Your flat 2d Floor Plans into fully 3D Interactive Models

The latest in high-quality, rapid 3D visualisation of physical spaces.


Rendered 3D models allows viewers to become fully immersed as if they are physically in the space. Imagine drawn lines becoming living environments. Help your clients dive into places they have never been to or that do not yet exist. View your spaces from above, or rotate it on an angle before ‘stepping’ into the model and virtually walking-through the model.


Browser Based

 Browser Based

Our models are all based in the browser. No need to download anything. Works on all devivces

Fully Interactive


Relax and enjoy the presentation or take control and cruise around and decorate



Gorgeous to look at. Enjoy the lighting, textures and materials


Use your mouse or keyboard to navigate.

How To Order

Upload Your 2D Plans

First send us your floor plans in any format. It can be a PDF, CAD, photo or scan. The more detailed the better

Your Model Is Created

Once you’ve uploaded your plans, it will take around 24 hours for your model to be created.

Get Your 3D Model

Once the model has be completed, we’ll send you 3D model link which you can embed on any website as you would a video link


0 – 500 m² R3500

500 – 1000 m² R5500

1000 – 1500 m² R7000

1500 – 2000 m² R8500

>2000 m² (p/sqm) R2 (p/sqm)

Discount applies for bulk orders. please contact us directly for a quotation.

All models include 1 Year Free Hosting.
Modifications due to conversion faults are free of charge.
Additional modifications are charged at R1100 ZAR excl.


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